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We are experiencing a tremendous shift in Arizona politics, particularly in Maricopa County. This means that what we build today will determine how quickly we turn Arizona blue.

With our eyes on 2016, the Legislative District 17 Democrats are building a formidable grassroots organization.  Our ground operation will help Democrats win at all levels-local, state, and national.

Get involved today. Volunteer. Donate. Invest in Arizona.

Volunteer to lend a hand

  • Register new voters
  • Sign up voters for the Permanent Early voting list
  • Educate voters about the issues
  • Host or help coordinate a house party, fundraiser, or other event
  • Make phone calls to other volunteers or voters
  • Help raise money to support the Democratic Party

Many ways to help

We can always use more hands working to make the world a better place. Whatever your skills, we can use your expertise.

Host an event

Host a house party to educate your friends or neighbors on the issues. Or host an event to raise money for the party.

Organize your neighborhood

Become a volunteer neighborhood leader or help your neighborhood leaders by knocking on doors or making phone calls.

Sign up for email updates

Sign up now to receive news, action alerts, and more from the Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP).

Make a contribution

Three ways to contribute: Make a one time contribution. Join one of our fundraising groups. Or pledge a monthly contribution to help us organize for the 2016 election season.

Write letters to the editors

Make your voice heard. Write letters to the editors of newspapers in Maricopa County.

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