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Voters can take action now on education.

The discussion on funding education goes 'round and 'round but still there is no action. Between Governor Ducey's State Land Trust plan, the Republican legislators' idea to reduce the inflation rate passed in Prop 301, or the newly submitted Democratic Plan that doesn't raise taxes, all we have are trial balloons to solve a deepening crisis in Arizona.


Every week we get new information on how bad funding of education is in this state. Just this week WalletHub, an online personal finance information clearinghouse, provided rankings that point out how Arizona has one of the highest pupil-to-teacher ratios and the lowest spending per student based on public education investment and teacher salary statistics from 2014-15.


 Since our elected officials don't seem to see the crisis or are not being spurred to immediate action, it is time for the people to speak.  Both Chandler and Gilbert Unified School Districts will give the people that opportunity this month.  Both districts have an election to pass a bond to fund capital improvements, and Gilbert also has an override to put more money in the classroom.  


Voting for approval on both district measures will create immediate funding for school maintenance, school buses, technology and other capital investments to improve the schools. The Gilbert override will provide more funding for teachers in the classroom.


Voters can take matters in their own hands by voting Yes on these measures. Voting Yes will help our children, help our teachers, and keep up our property and community values.  We all know people buy a house, or rent, in an area with a good school district.  Chandler and Gilbert USD are among the best in the state, and that is not by accident. Both are well-run districts that squeeze every penny to deliver a quality education for their students.


So look for your ballot in the mail. (Yes, this election is a ballot by mail only; no polls will be open for this election.)  When you get it on or around October 8, please vote Yes, and get your ballot in the mail before October 30. Let's show our elected leaders what action looks like when the people speak.

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