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Voters Decide Education Funding 

It is not dull when it comes to funding education in Arizona!  But bottom line, the voters will decide if we fund education at levels that can make sure our children get the education they need, not just deserve.

This Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day for twenty-eight Maricopa County school districts that are asking for voter approval of a bond, override or both.  The Maricopa County Republican Party issued a statement against passage of any of these efforts.  Their position is that schools should make better use of the money they have.  So we know where they is the schools' fault for having classroom needs, aging buildings and buses, and the desire to have advanced technology available.

Can we bury our heads any further in the sand and ignore the problem?  These schools are receiving less funding than they received seven years ago.  (CUSD received nearly $16 million in 2008-2009, but received just over $3 million in the current school year-despite growth.) How can they not need more money?  Do you need more money than you did seven years ago?

Now the elected leadership in this state has decided to move forward with a new proposal since the outcry has been so loud.  However, just like the smoke and mirrors of the Ducey plan to use State Land Trust funds, this one is even worse.   

  • It increases the payout from the state trust lands from 2.5 to 6.9% - the State Treasurer found the first plan fiscally unsound with an increase in payout from this source.
  • This money will be used to settle the lawsuit; (funds owed from prior years)it is not new funding for schools. 
  • It only give schools 72% of what was owed; again this does not consider future funding needs.
  • This plan shortchanges our kids' schools --Gov. Ducey's supporters even admit that his plan won't lift Arizona out of the bottom tier of school funding.
  • Arizona has money in the bank right now that could be used to fund our schools.

It is not too late for voters to take this matter into their own hands.  VOTE...elections have 

consequences.  Why are we returning leadership to office when they obviously can't lead and have no new fresh ideas?  What we are doing isn't working....when are we going to change course?

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