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Mark your Calendar - Crucial Dates in May

People's probable response to what are crucial dates in May would be Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Very important as no one should forget Mom and who forgets a holiday especially if you don't have to work it?!!

For Arizona voters though, there are two more to put on the calendar this year. May 17th and May 31st.


May 17 will be the day that voters decide if they want to change the Arizona constitution regarding education funding in this state. Most people know this as Prop 123, which is a $9.3 million special election to settle a lawsuit spurred by the Legislature not living up to their funding obligations required in Prop 301.

This is not a simple proposition and many people are undecided on what to do - yes or no? Who doesn't want to fund education when education in our state makes us either dead last or close to it in the country? But on the other hand, are we harming the Trust Fund set up to help fund education? And what about the triggers built into the proposition that would need another proposition to overturn them if they don't work to help fund our schools and teachers? 



If you are still holding a ballot or voting at the polls, then there are 3 opportunities to learn more about Prop 123 so please attend:


1) LD 17 monthly meeting on 5/3, 7 pm...see listing on left side of page


2) Meeting on 5/4 at 7 pm at EVIT - see below


3) East Valley Candidate and Issues Event, 5/15, 2-5 PM, Mesa Convention Center - like us on Facebook to get more info in the next few days



Here is why May 31st is also an important date for the calendar. It is the last day for candidates to get on the ballot for the August primary and/or the November General Election. In Arizona, a candidate can't get on the ballot without collecting qualified signatures from their constituents. So even if they said they are running, they need these signatures. If not enough signatures, then it was all just good intentions. So if you haven't signed a petition for a candidate you want to support, contact us. We will make sure you can sign their petition and have choice on the ballot in August and November.

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