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How do you win an election?

Yes, how do you win an election?  Is it money? Is it passion?  Is it the right message? Is it the perfect candidate - well spoken, personable, attractive, and inspiring? Is it a great ground game?  Is it getting out the vote?  Who knows?

LD 17 has the passion as shown with 27 volunteers walking their neighborhoods on Sunday! The message in LD 17 is simple: change education and the future of Arizona by winning the LD 17 Senate seat and one of the LD 17 House seats.  Steve Weichert is our candidate for Senate, and Jennifer Pawlik is the candidate for the House. They are great candidates voters can support.   They are keeping special interest money out of their campaigns, opting to use Clean Election Funds which voters established for this reason. So, what's left?

It is feet on the street to get out the vote. Here is an interesting fact:  Republicans have roughly 4200 precinct committee people in Maricopa County to contact voters.  Democrats have just over 700.  In LD 17, 287 Democrats could be precinct committee people but only 32 have agreed to do so! Is that going to win an election? 




I guess that depends on how badly you want change? How badly you want to make sure our districts have the funds and resources to run our schools? If you want to stop the craziness going on at the legislature, and improve Arizona, then reach out to us at now.  We can win this election, but we can't do it without you!

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