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For Arizona Democrats this year's election could not be more exciting!  For the first time in a long time, we are going to have Democratic candidates for almost every office listed on the ballot in Maricopa County. 


For the US Senate seat, Ann Kirkpatrick is showing strength against John McCain, if he survives his primary.  For those in Congressional District 9, Kyrsten Sinema will be running to retain her seat in the US House.  For Congressional District 5, now held by Matt Salmon, who is retiring, we hope to have Talia Fuentes carrying the Democratic banner as she collects the last of her signatures to make the ballot.

In Maricopa County, we have Paul Penzone for Sheriff, Adrian Fontes for County Recorder, Diego Rodriguez for County Attorney, Michelle Robertson for County Superintendent of Schools and Joe Downs for County Treasurer.  Yes, we can retire both Arpaio and Helen Purcell this fall!

For District 1, County Board of Supervisors, Matt Cerra will be running.  For the Maricopa County Health Care District 1, Jana Lynn Granillo is our candidate.  The Maricopa County Community College at large seat will see Linda Thor on the ballot.

Bill Mundell and Tom Chapin will run together as a slate for the Arizona Corporation Commission seats that are open.  And for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District where 5 seats will be selected, we have Ben Graff, Jim Holway and Alexandra Arboleda to elect to that governing body.

Here in LD 17, both Steve Weichert for Senate and Jennifer Pawlik for House will be turning in their required constituent signatures as well as qualifying for their Clean Election funding.

How do we help these people win this fall?  Well, first and foremost by voting!!  But they can't do it alone and you can help.  We will have a major announcement very soon about how and where you can volunteer your time and talents for this very important election on November 8th.  Yes, we can change Arizona this fall. We have the candidates, now all we need is YOU! Come join us in turning Arizona BLUE.

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