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Happy 2016 Democratic New Year!

We have one very interesting year ahead of us as Democrats in 2016! The stakes are high and the time will be short, so we need to get to work right away in January.

Have you ever wondered how delegates are selected for the national convention where our candidate for President is announced? If you have, or you have ever dreamed of being part of the hoopla, then attend our January 5th LD 17 meeting. The delegate selection process will be outlined and discussed. Any registered Democrat can run, so if you would like to know more, join us.

Also on the 5th, you can meet your LD 17 Democratic candidates for AZ House and Senate. Voter outreach starts in January and volunteers are needed to collect signatures to get their names on the ballot.

Interested in education? Attend the meeting to learn more about the May 17 election about education in Arizona (yes, we have a special election coming up - November is not the only time to go to the polls in 2016).

So as you see, there will be many opportunities to vote and express your opinion whether for President, or local candidate representation or issues like education in 2016. Become an informed voter, be someone who participates in the process and be part of what makes our country so great.

We wish you a very Happy Democratic New Year and look forward to seeing you soon!

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