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The legislature in now in session, and they are vowing once again to do their business as quickly as possible.  Voter beware!

If you review the Ducey budget, you will see that tax burdens are being shifted away from the General Fund to local entities; education is still being cut (non-classroom spending, community colleges and state universities); it will be harder for AHCCCS (Medicaid) patients to find a provider; and more money is being requested for prison beds.  If you haven't seen the details, check out the executive summary of the Governor's proposed budget.

Since many bills will be coming up for a vote quickly, I urge you to follow what is happening here.

If you care about what is happening at the legislature, please attend our LD 17 meeting on Tuesday, 2/2, 7 PM.  Not only will you get an overview of what is being proposed by our elected representatives and the Governor, you will be educated on how you, the voter, can speak up on these bills from the comfort  of your own home!  Your chance to vote and/or be heard didn't end in the last election; it can be and should be an ongoing effort, especially when the legislature is in session.  

LD 17 Candidates

Steve Weichert and Jennifer Pawlik are excited to announce their candidacies for the AZ Senate and the AZ House of Representatives respectively.  Steve and Jennifer are running as a slate, and are grateful to have Kristie O'Brien as their campaign manager. 


Please use the links  below to be "in the know" regarding the candidates events and activities.

Steve Weichert Website & Facebook

Jennifer Pawlik Website & Facebook

New Precinct Committee Women!

Have you been wondering how you can help get more Democrats interested in voting? You can join the dedicated group of Precinct Committeemen and Women! The responsibilities include attending meetings, helping with LD canvasses (particularly in your neighborhood), and making regular contributions.

Congratulations to our newest PCs: Sara Joehnk, Colonia; Deborah Winsberg, Compadre; Kalie Pawlik, Germann; Mary Schlotterer, Springs; and Judy Simons, Verano! We are pleased to have your help as we enter the 2016 election cycle. 

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