May News

Mark your Calendar - Crucial Dates in May

People's probable response to what are crucial dates in May would be Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Very important as no one should forget Mom and who forgets a holiday especially if you don't have to work it?!!

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April News

Republicans fail latest math test

Apparently, math is not a strong suit for Republican leadership in Arizona.  The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the Secretary of State, the Maricopa County Recorder, the Arizona Legislature, and Governor all failed the latest math test for the Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday, March 22.

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March News

How do you win an election?

Yes, how do you win an election?  Is it money? Is it passion?  Is it the right message? Is it the perfect candidate - well spoken, personable, attractive, and inspiring? Is it a great ground game?  Is it getting out the vote?  Who knows?

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February News

The legislature in now in session, and they are vowing once again to do their business as quickly as possible.  Voter beware!

If you review the Ducey budget, you will see that tax burdens are being shifted away from the General Fund to local entities; education is still being cut (non-classroom spending, community colleges and state universities); it will be harder for AHCCCS (Medicaid) patients to find a provider; and more money is being requested for prison beds.  If you haven't seen the details, check out the executive summary of the Governor's proposed budget.

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January News

Happy 2016 Democratic New Year!

We have one very interesting year ahead of us as Democrats in 2016! The stakes are high and the time will be short, so we need to get to work right away in January.

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December News

As we wrap up this year, getting ready to celebrate the holidays in November and December, we know that the 2016 election will be here before we know it.

While the national spotlight is on the Presidential race, please don't lose sight of the local issues that will need your vote as well.

On May 17th, you will vote on the bills the legislature passed and the Governor signed to settle the lawsuit regarding past funding due our schools. You may already be seeing the Governor's ads airing to support changing the constitution to pay for this proposal. It will be up you, as the voter, to approve the way we fund schools for the next 10 years.

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November News

Voters Decide Education Funding 

It is not dull when it comes to funding education in Arizona!  But bottom line, the voters will decide if we fund education at levels that can make sure our children get the education they need, not just deserve.

This Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day for twenty-eight Maricopa County school districts that are asking for voter approval of a bond, override or both.  The Maricopa County Republican Party issued a statement against passage of any of these efforts.  Their position is that schools should make better use of the money they have.  So we know where they is the schools' fault for having classroom needs, aging buildings and buses, and the desire to have advanced technology available.

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October News

Voters can take action now on education.

The discussion on funding education goes 'round and 'round but still there is no action. Between Governor Ducey's State Land Trust plan, the Republican legislators' idea to reduce the inflation rate passed in Prop 301, or the newly submitted Democratic Plan that doesn't raise taxes, all we have are trial balloons to solve a deepening crisis in Arizona.


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No Time Like the Present... Fund Arizona Public Schools Now!

In case you missed it this week, settlement talks in the lawsuit over education funding in Arizona have reached an impasse. At issue is the State’s refusal to adequately fund Arizona schools via voter demanded automatic inflation adjustments above statutory “base level” funding.  Per a Maricopa County Superior Court ruling in 2014, Arizona schools are now owed $331 million in inflation funding for this year.  (The issue of  $1.3 billion (with a ‘B’) in missing payments going back to 2008 has yet to be addressed.)  Not wanting to appear totally dismissive of this ruling, the GOP-led state legislature graciously budgeted for $74 million in K-12 funding of the $331 million owed.

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August News

Just wait...

I am afraid that is all we hear in Arizona about funding education.  Just wait, we will have money once the economy turns around.  It's funny, the economy has improved, but schools are not properly funded in Arizona.  Just wait, we will get money from the court settlement that requires the state to pay schools for the inflation costs that were neglected during the Great Recession. 

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