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Here are some of the announcements and coming events to mark on your calendar.

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LD17 Fundraiser with MCDP at The Perch on April 10th

Mark your calendars! There is a fundraiser with the Maricopa County Democratic Party on April 10th, 2018 at 6pm at The Perch Brewery

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March 2018 News

Here are some of the announcements and some of the coming events to mark on your calendar.

Congratulations to Ajlan Kurdoglu for being elected the new LD17 Treasurer! 

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July News

The election season will be heating up this month with the National Conventions of each party. It is also the country's birthday!  So don't sit on the sidelines over the next 30 days. Take part in our great democracy be lending your voice and hands to what makes this country so wonderful.


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June News

For Arizona Democrats this year's election could not be more exciting!  For the first time in a long time, we are going to have Democratic candidates for almost every office listed on the ballot in Maricopa County. 


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May News

Mark your Calendar - Crucial Dates in May

People's probable response to what are crucial dates in May would be Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Very important as no one should forget Mom and who forgets a holiday especially if you don't have to work it?!!

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April News

Republicans fail latest math test

Apparently, math is not a strong suit for Republican leadership in Arizona.  The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the Secretary of State, the Maricopa County Recorder, the Arizona Legislature, and Governor all failed the latest math test for the Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday, March 22.

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March News

How do you win an election?

Yes, how do you win an election?  Is it money? Is it passion?  Is it the right message? Is it the perfect candidate - well spoken, personable, attractive, and inspiring? Is it a great ground game?  Is it getting out the vote?  Who knows?

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February News

The legislature in now in session, and they are vowing once again to do their business as quickly as possible.  Voter beware!

If you review the Ducey budget, you will see that tax burdens are being shifted away from the General Fund to local entities; education is still being cut (non-classroom spending, community colleges and state universities); it will be harder for AHCCCS (Medicaid) patients to find a provider; and more money is being requested for prison beds.  If you haven't seen the details, check out the executive summary of the Governor's proposed budget.

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January News

Happy 2016 Democratic New Year!

We have one very interesting year ahead of us as Democrats in 2016! The stakes are high and the time will be short, so we need to get to work right away in January.

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