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Republicans fail latest math test

Apparently, math is not a strong suit for Republican leadership in Arizona.  The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the Secretary of State, the Maricopa County Recorder, the Arizona Legislature, and Governor all failed the latest math test for the Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday, March 22.

No matter whether it was addition of more voters per polling place due to subtraction of polling places across the county or less budget for the process, it doesn't matter, the final grade - F for Failure. Who paid the price for this failure? Voters did. You, the people of Maricopa County, paid by standing in line for hours, or leaving without voting or voting a provisional ballot because something was funny about who you claimed to be.  


But this is not the first math failure by the current leadership. They don't seem to understand other areas where math is needed. Like answers to funding education or their ideas of cutting taxes for business to spur the economy. So far they are 0 for 3: failure to fund education, failure to spur the Arizona economy and now failure to conduct an election that is not a national disgrace.


Isn't it time to cut our losses?  November is coming and while we can't do anything about the Governor or the Secretary of State (that was last election), you can do something about the rest!  You can vote for a new District 1 Maricopa County Supervisor, Matt Cerra, and a new County Recorder, Adrian Fontes.  


LD 17 needs a new Senator, Steve Weichert, and at least one new LD 17 House Representative, Jennifer Pawlik. Let's make sure Arizona passes math tests in 2017!

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