"All politics are local"

Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Jr.

Former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives


It is at the local level that politics works for voters or can influence those holding or running for office.

Arizona LD 17 Democrats are exactly that... your local Democratic Party for Chandler Gilbert and Sun Lakes.  As part of the Democratic Party, we are associated with the Arizona Democratic Party, and with the Maricopa County Democratic Party to insure Democrats run and win office.

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    October 2018 Newsletter

    This Is It! For months - you've heard me, other party leadership and the candidates plead with you to get involved and do more to help ensure that we elect like-minded Democrats to office this fall. Fall is officially here. This is truly IT! Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 6, but actually a majority of individuals vote by mail, and those ballots go out on Wednesday, Oct. 10. So if you haven't been able to canvass, call, write or talk to your neighbors, the time to do so is NOW!! Fortunately, we have fantastic candidates fighting to represent LD 17: Jennifer Pawlik for AZ House and Steve Weichert for AZ Senate. Regardless of a person's political persuasion, it is easy to point out how votes for Pawlik and Weichert are far better choices than their opponents on any number of issues, from education, healthcare, equal rights and protections, to responsible and transparent government, to supporting Arizona families.We require all hands-on deck to help ensure that we get people to vote. To that end, we ask you to: canvass (walkers and drivers, new and seasoned needed) - to help us outreach to voters, talking with them about the candidates and encouraging them to turn in their ballot or vote in person; phone bank and text - providing voters with information about the candidates, their polling sites, etc.; and volunteer at the office - organizing packets, answering questions, and providing support to the district and campaigns. We thank the many individuals who have stepped up to help, some for the very first time. We have to keep that momentum, that involvement, and expand it if we want to be successful this election. Your help, even one day a week, will have an impact on us winning this election. We cannot afford to look back on Nov. 7 and think about what we could have done. Stay informed Continue to get updates on how you can get involved from: The website you are looking at right now! Our Facebook page Twitter - @LD17Democrats Or stop by our LD 17 Campaign Office: 1450 W Warner Rd., Ste. 124, GilbertYou can also help us keep the office running and maintain the supplies of brochures and other information necessary for our district. You can donate online here and click on the "Donate" button. With deep appreciation -Jacob SchmittChair, LD 17 Democrats  
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    September 2018 Newsletter

    Make a Pledge, Take Action Now! The primary is now over, and the Democratic nominees for offices up and down the ballot have been identified. Final analysis is still ongoing, but we can report that numbers are up: more people voted in this primary than the last, and that's encouraging. However, we can't become complacent because our opponents still have more people voting than we do. We know that the majority of Americans and Arizonans support Democratic values and positions. The struggle is that, in order to get those values and positions put into place, we must elect Democrats. To do that, we have to get out the vote. In addition to the primary, we also saw what happens when we don't elect Democrats into office. The Arizona Supreme Court has removed two voter initiatives from the ballot. This unexpected move painfully reminds us: If we had a Democratic-controlled Legislature, we wouldn't need to expend the hard work and effort necessary to get initiatives on the ballot, because our elected officials would already be representing our interests If we had a Democratic governor, we wouldn't have to worry about proper funding for education and leadership to move legislation to eliminate dark money from politics If we had Democrats in power, we wouldn't have had an unnecessary change to our Supreme Court that added two more justices to the court (who just happened to be ultra-conservative judges appointed by the Republican Governor of Arizona) If we had Democrats in power, we wouldn't have had bills passed that effectively removed the ability of citizens to drive and support initiatives in Arizona.  
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    Monthly Meeting

    It's the monthly meeting of your local Democrats! Join us!

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    Monthly Meeting

    It's the monthly meeting of your local Democrats! Join us!

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