"All politics are local"

Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Jr.

Former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives


It is at the local level that politics works for voters or can influence those holding or running for office.

Arizona LD 17 Democrats are exactly that... your local Democratic Party for Chandler Gilbert and Sun Lakes.  As part of the Democratic Party, we are associated with the Arizona Democratic Party, and with the Maricopa County Democratic Party to insure Democrats run and win office.

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    October News

    Voters can take action now on education. The discussion on funding education goes 'round and 'round but still there is no action. Between Governor Ducey's State Land Trust plan, the Republican legislators' idea to reduce the inflation rate passed in Prop 301, or the newly submitted Democratic Plan that doesn't raise taxes, all we have are trial balloons to solve a deepening crisis in Arizona.  
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    No Time Like the Present... Fund Arizona Public Schools Now!

    In case you missed it this week, settlement talks in the lawsuit over education funding in Arizona have reached an impasse. At issue is the State’s refusal to adequately fund Arizona schools via voter demanded automatic inflation adjustments above statutory “base level” funding.  Per a Maricopa County Superior Court ruling in 2014, Arizona schools are now owed $331 million in inflation funding for this year.  (The issue of  $1.3 billion (with a ‘B’) in missing payments going back to 2008 has yet to be addressed.)  Not wanting to appear totally dismissive of this ruling, the GOP-led state legislature graciously budgeted for $74 million in K-12 funding of the $331 million owed.
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